Super day at the Infotér Conference in Balatonfüred!

The 14th Infotér Conference was a great milestone in the life of the ORION Space Generation Foundation, where we participated as exhibitors for the first time. Held at the Anna Grand Hotel in Balatonfüred, for the second time this year, Day 0 was dedicated to the theme of Defense & Space, offering the audience an exceptional opportunity to dive into the exciting topics of space and defense.

We have entered the world of colonising plants!

Launched by the Orion Space Generation Foundation, the Star City Ltd. Vertical Farm raised it, and Budapest Makery served our colonization plants on this fantastic evening.

Colonisation plants? Yes, these plants are also grown on the ground, but they were not grown in the usual way. At Star City, we are using technology similar to that which will be used to grow food on Mars, the Moon and other distant celestial bodies.

We are proud to announce: the vertical farm of Csillagváros Ltd.

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