We are proud to announce the vertical farm of Csillagváros Ltd.

The European Living Lab Network (ENoLL) is an international, non-profit and independent association of comparable Living Labs. Living Labs are real-life environments that foster co-creation of value and open innovation between the main actors of the 4 actor Qudruple Helix Model, namely citizens, government, industry and universities.

The Grow Stars Institute Living Lab (GSILL) is a multi-site Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facility with professional R&D and innovation staff capable of designing complex research and innovations in all areas of vertical farm, urban farming, health and food security.

The GSILL was created in 2021 using the latest high-tech and now represents an ideal link between R&D and industrial environments for experiments involving multiple actors. Our Living Lab provides a unique and well-developed infrastructure in all areas of CEA. The Living Lab includes 5 separate fully individually controllable vertical farm rooms and 3 small size plant growing cabinets.

In GSILL, users are involved in every step of the innovation process, from brainstorming to market introduction. To co-create an innovative product, service, system or process in the fields of urban farming, vertical farm and food security, Grow Stars Institute Living Lab presents its unique Vertical Farm as a Service (VFaaS) solution, available to academic, public, civil and residential sectors.